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KOL Identification and Profiling

KOL Identification and Profiling

Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) are thought leaders who are seen as trustworthy, highly influential and are held in high esteem. KOLs play an important role in the marketing strategy at every stage of the company. Hence, it becomes essential for us to identify the right opinion leaders. Today’s Market has become very competitive and need for a KOL/Thought Leader have become an imperative for any brand’s strategy.

We, at Austere develop an exhaustive list of Opinion leader based on the given criteria and help shortlist the most influential ones. We also design and execute a comprehensive search based on those characteristics. Data analysis tools, like name disambiguation and database cross-referencing, ensure the high quality of our results. These efforts result in a highly focused list of key influencers for your target areas. Our KOL Identification offering is unique and can be customized to suit varying needs across different functions like Marketing, Professional Relations, Medical Affairs, Clinical or Medical Science Liaisons and Commercial teams. We have vast experience in working across different therapeutic areas and geographies which have been of great benefit to clients where we have supported their KOL identification needs.

We just don’t stop with identification, we go beyond and help the clients with complete details of the Key Opinion Leaders. We provide data on nearly all facets of a KOL’s professional life. From Publications, Presentations, Trials, Grants, Patents, to Payment and Industry Activities, our profile data goes a mile deep enabling our clients to engage successfully with the KOLs. The average KOL profile contains over 120 data fields and more than 900 data points.

We also have expertise in the following related segments:
  • KOL Ranking and Analytics: We work with our clients to determine the critical factors of their programs (e.g. publications, trials, committee presence etc.). Austere, then does an extensive research on client’s current KOLs and uses this data to rank their performance against the selected factors. The resulting ranking enables clients to refocus their efforts and maximize the effectiveness of their expert programs. Thereby, helping them to engage with the right people and promote their company image.

  • KOL Screening: A flurry of media attention follows doctors who have been censured by medical licensing boards or debarred by one or many government agencies. You absolutely need to be the first person to know about any infractions. Screen your KOLs, thought leaders, researchers and influencers for infractions, debarments and censures leveraging the most comprehensive and thorough screening available, including social media channels. Austere proactively monitors your contracted speakers, consultants, researchers and influencers for the following: Office of the Inspector General (OIG), Food & Drug Administration (FDA), European Medical Affairs (EMA), all 63 MD and DO licensing boards in all 50 states, and also other major medical boards across the globe.

  • Rising Star Analysis: Stay ahead of your competitors by identifying and being the first to engage with the “Rising Stars”. Our expertise and experience have helped many of our clients be the first to establish relationships with these Rising Stars that are destined to be future KOLs.

  • Network Mapping and Analysis: Our network maps helps you gain significant insight into your KOL’s connections, who they’ve collaborated with, how they are connected, and the strength of their connections. Analyzing a KOL’s connections can often lead to discovery of new KOLs that you may have never even considered.

  • Organization Profiling: An organization profiling engine includes collection of mission statement, contact details, details of the executive and subcommittee members, organization structure, external experts consulted and publications, guidelines issued and more.