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innovation through curiosity


Our insights

speaks the story


In our research

we see what
everybody else has seen,
and we think that
nobody else has thought


Happiness of our people is
our core strength

We make each day happy


You win, We win!!

Austere Analytics


Austere Analytics is a Data management & analytics, Software technology, Social Media Analytics, Online Media Monitoring, Secondary Research Company specializing in KOL (Key Opinion Leader) Management. Our in-depth subject knowledge coupled with Industry experience and the unique technology solutions enables us to successfully deliver. Our commitment towards excellence reflects in the solutions we deliver.

Our team is specialized in delivering innovative and end-to-end solutions that leverage our customers to make better data driven decision. With versatile and dedicated professionals we ensure that our Social Media analytics is in complete sync with your business needs. In the competitive IT industries, we focus on delivering cutting edge quality and cost effective solutions for our clients.

We work with our clients of various sectors like Pharmaceuticals, FMCG, Financial services, Insurance, IT solutions, Automobiles, Retail etc.

At Austere Analytics we embrace new ideas and innovations which help us to explore the world of possibilities under challenging environment. We are flexible enough to adapt our customers business to constant changes.

We believe that we can go further by going together. We’re here for you: our clients. Success for you is success for us!

At Austere Analytics we balance our work with life. Here, people come first. Our clients and colleagues are more important than the work we do. We believe and follow that the more fully we embrace life, the more we can give of ourselves fully when we’re at work.


Our major customers industries are listed, but it’s not limited to. We always thrive for knowledge of multiple sectors.

Why Austere?

Industry Expertise

Austere has several project experiences in the healthcare industry in KOL, DOL, consumer health and prescription products business.

Domain Expertise

Austere has healthcare/medical and Pharma domain expertise from different verticals.


Multi Channel Research capabilities of integrating multiple sources based on the objectives of the project.


Austere technology is an important differentiator- with our innovative technologies we design tools to fit the project needs.


No matter what technology gives us. We always use smart layer of human for intelligence.

Language Abilities

Language is not a barrier here. Austere can work with EU, LATAM, ARAB and Asian Languages.